With the Gemain integration you can:

Add an Earned Value Management System (EVMS) to your budgeting and planning processes, allowing detailed analysis and projections.

Build a Budget that effortlessly guarantees the permanent integration of Scope, Time, and Cost. Respecting the triple-constraint.

Save countless hours and reduce human error by having your WBS, Resources, Price Compositions, Activities, and Schedule in one database.

Integration Summary

Link Gemain project to Procore project

  • Gemain pulls selected project from Procore.

Sync Project Directory from Procore to Gemain Stakeholder Management

  • Gemain pulls data from Procore`s “Project Directory” and pushes into Gemain`s “Stakeholder Management” tool. Either if they are classified as Company or Person

Create/Synchronize a Crossed WBS on Gemain to Procore’s Cost Codes

  • Gemain pull all data form Procore`s “Cost Code List” under “Administrative Settings” and pushes into Gemain`s “Crossed WBS” tool.

Sync Procore Cost Types to Gemain’s Unitary Price Composition Families

  • To make sure all Cost codes are categorized correctly and automatically. Gemain’s pulls from Procore the registered Cost Types and applies it to Gemain’s UPC Families. This way the budgeted items are already fed to Procore categorized.

Sync budget spreadsheet to procore budget using the linked crossed wbs

  • Gemain users associate project activities to Procore`s structure via Gemain`s tool and pushes Budget information according to Procore`s Cost Codes back to Procore.
Integration Requirements
  • Gemain subscription
Required Procore Tools
  • Budget
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About Gemain

Gemain is a combination of software and methodology developed specifically for construction projects. With a background of over 30 years in the field, our goal is to provide a platform capable of correctly applying Earned Value Management to the project`s control. The initial step of structuring, budgeting, and scheduling are the stepping stones to effectively Forecast all costs and consequently deviations as early as they occur, with the ability of instantly locating their root causes.

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