Data Connection

With the FTQ360 integration you can:

Take your quality management to the next level with software written for quality professionals by quality experts

Use advanced features including interactive dashboards, multi-level accountability and inspection plans

Streamline field QC with a single screen for inspections, punch lists and notifications

Integration Summary

FTQ360 provides a seamless bi-directional integration with Procore, sharing project information and quality management data. Start using FTQ360 for new as well as ongoing projects and keep data synchronized with two-way sharing of project, vendor, user, inspection and punch list data. Users have single-login access to FTQ360.

Integration Requirements
  • Basic Plus paid subscription or higher FTQ360
Required Procore Tools
  • Punch List
About FTQ360

FTQ360 specializes in first time quality and safety for general contractors, builders, specialty contractors and suppliers. Since 2002 FTQ360 has been committed to the idea that construction quality and safety issues are preventable and "building it right the first time" is good for everyone and good for business.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge with new quality managers as well as brainstorming with highly experienced quality professionals. We understand the value of efficiency and it’s our passion to develop a software application with an intuitive design that goes beyond user-friendly.

Contact Us

Email appsupport@ftq360.com