Forward Lateral


With the Forward Lateral Embedded Experience you can

Complete inspection reports digitally

Upload CCTV video and mark observations easily with our online tool

Send the completed report and media to property owners with the tap of a button

Integration Summary

Forward Lateral lets you digitize CCTV-based sewer lateral and water culvert inspections. Easily share with other contractors, engineers, and owners with a hyperlink that can be texted or emailed. Simply, digitize and share!

How it works

Inspectors simply log into the Forward Lateral application and follow the easy process of filling out an inspection form, uploading the CCTV video and marking observations. Once the inspection is complete just hit save to send the completed inspection digitally to the property owner!

Refer to the Helpful Links below for install instructions.

Integration Requirements
  • A Forward Lateral account is required
Required Procore Tools
  • None
Helpful Links

Install an App from the Procore Marketplace
Create an App Configuration
Launch an Embedded App in a Project
About Forward Lateral
Procore Support Article

About Forward Lateral

Forward Lateral is leading the way in digitizing the nation's sewer lateral inspections. Started in Santa Barbara, CA in 2019, our mission is to save inspector's time and money as well as improving the experience for everyone involved.

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