FinishLine Software

Take control of your inspections

With the FinishLine Software integration you can:

Push inspection and punch list reports from FinishLine Software to the Procore Documents repository

Automate the report integration (daily, weekly, etc.)

Share critical data with project stakeholders and improve overall team communication

Integration Summary

FinishLine Software provides inspection management solutions that streamline punch lists, from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting. Our trusted "Punch on the Plan" technology saves time, improves project quality, and brings teams together.

How it works

FinishLine Software is a simple, yet powerful app used to manage inspections during the construction process. With FinishLine, all your work is done by simply adding punch list and inspection items with your device. You can easily gather information visually, right on the plan. Includes photos, plan annotations, and signatures. Then you can quickly share assignments to those responsible.

Integration Requirements
Required Procore Tools
  • Documents
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About FinishLine Software

We’ve been helping companies improve their inspections since our founding in 2008. FinishLine Software was started in Hawaii as a solution for a punch list dilemma on a high-rise condominium project. FinishLine Software is used on a variety of construction and real estate development projects such as multifamily, hotel/hospitality, education, healthcare, and homebuilding. Our mission is to provide a collaborative, easy to use inspection management system for all project stakeholders.

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