FileBound Invoice Capture

With your FileBound Invoice Capture integration you can:

Reduce data entry by extracting Progress Claim/Invoice information from a cloud mailbox

Automate the creation of Progress Claims/Invoices in Procore

Increase team productivity

Integration Summary

FileBound’s Procore Invoice Capture Solution automatically extracts progress claim/invoice data from a monitored cloud mailbox, which is used to create a progress claim/invoice record within Procore for the project team to action, drastically reducing the amount of data entry required, as well as freeing up the valuable time of the Accounts Payable team. Enabling Procore notifications, the Project Team can work within the Procore system, with the invoice document and details at their fingertips.

The FileBound integration links Vendors, Projects, Cost Codes, Commitments, Requisitions (Progress Claims) to provide an automated workflow.

How it Works

FileBound is a cloud work automation platform that syncs data between Procore and FileBound to eliminate the need for manual data entry. The solution is rapidly deployed, using validation logic to ensure accurate invoice data is entered into Procore.

The FileBound integration uses Vendors, Projects, and Commitment data from Procore to facilitate the creation of Requisitions (Progress Claims/Invoices). Procore notifications can be enabled, triggering the Project team approval process.

Integration Requirements

Required Procore Tools
  • Commitments
  • Invoicing

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