With your FileBound integration you can:

Automate the processing of Accounts Payable documents

Reduce data entry and speed up progress claims processing

Manage payment disputes and local legislation payment rulings

Integration Summary

FileBound is a cloud work automation platform that syncs data between Procore and FileBound to eliminate the need for manual data entry and tedious manual financial approvals. The integration is tailored to suit the company requirements and business logic rules for accounts payable processing.

The FileBound integration links Vendors, Projects, Cost Codes, Commitments, Requisitions (Progress Claims) to provide an automated workflow.

How it Works

FileBound’s integration within the Procore Financials area of the platform enables an automated Accounts Payable Process (claims processing) environment. This is achieved through document capture (OCR), business logic workflows that adhere to company advised legislations & approvals, and integration to post & retrieve Financial data from Procore. Within the FileBound platform, users will also have the workflow & online forms functionality to raise disputes and issue payment schedules.

Integration Requirements

Required Procore Tools
  • Commitments
  • Invoicing

Helpful Links
Filebound Support Website
Procore Support Article

About FileBound Australia

FileBound Australia provides scalable tailored content and workflow management solutions utilising the FileBound workflow automation platform. FileBound Australia prides itself on customer success with helping companies eliminate the need for manual data entry, increases efficiency, and improves collaboration between departments.

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