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FieldChat (Embedded Experience)

FieldChat (Embedded Experience)

With the FieldChat embedded experience you can:

Say goodbye to text messaging chaos and hello to jobsite communications made easy.

Organize all your messages by project, subcontractor and team; get notified about new messages.

Use any device. You can text message, use the mobile apps, web app or run FieldChat inside Procore.

Integration Summary

FieldChat is a jobsite communications app that saves time and rework - by ensuring that people have timely information. FieldChat can send texts, instant messages, pictures, documents, and jobsite activities from any device.

FieldChat organizes your project communications into channels. You can put your internal team in one channel, and your subcontractors into separate channels. FieldChat works seamlessly with text messaging, so it is easy for subcontractors to pick it up without training.

How it works

FieldChat is an app that makes it easy for project managers, superintendents, foremen, subcontractors and consultants from different companies working on the same project to communicate and exchange timely project information in group or private chats. All history is retained forever, is completely searchable, and visibility rules are controlled by you. FieldChat works natively with text messaging, so that training for subcontractors is minimal. Frequent users can install the user-friendly iOS and Android apps and use the web app on their laptops.

You can schedule messages to be sent in the future as reminders the team about inspections or deadlines. You can also easily capture and communicate job site activity information with the team, such as deliveries, inspections, check-ins, and check-outs, etc.

Workers on a jobsite can use a QR code to enroll in FieldChat channels to receive one-way text messages for site emergencies and notifications.

FieldChat synchronizes Procore project directories. Users can share their Procore login. You can run FieldChat as an embedded experience app directly inside the Procore web app.

Photos in FieldChat can be automatically uploaded to albums in Procore.

Notifications can be configured in FieldChat channels to let users know about create, update and delete activity of resources in Procore. For example, every time a new RFI response is created, the users in a FieldChat channel can be notified.

Integration Requirements
  • Available on a per user subscription basis, with a 30 day free trial.
Required Procore Tools
  • Photo*

  • *Supported but not required
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About FieldChat

FieldChat is a software company based in Toronto. Our mission is to make jobsite communications easy.

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