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With the FieldChat integration you can:

Helps teams solve problems, communicate and collaborate in real-time, reducing waste, re-work

Creates a searchable record of exactly what happened on the job site, to help resolve questions and disputes later

Works seamlessly with text messaging so that subcontractors, consultants, owners can easily be added with minimal training. There are also iOS and Android apps and a web app, for power users

Integration Summary

Procore project directory can be imported into FieldChat, so that Procore is the single source of truth for users, their company name, job title, and mobile phone number. Users can specify the credentials for a Procore service account, choose an available project, and import the user data. The import can be subsequently run on an ongoing basis to keep user data in synch.

Also, log in to FieldChat using Procore credentials, so there is no need to remember a separate password.

What is FieldChat

FieldChat provides tools that make it much easier for project managers, superintendents, foreman, subcontractors and consultants from different companies working on the same project to communicate and exchange critical and timely project information in group or private chats. FieldChat works natively with text messaging so that training and set-up are minimal, and anyone with a phone can be added. Power-users such as project managers can use the iOS, Android or web apps, for a real-time inbox.

Integration Requirements
  • Available on a per user subscription basis, with a free trial

Product Lines Required
  • Core

Helpful Links

Procore Support Article

About FieldChat

FieldChat is a start-up headquartered in Toronto, Canada, that is led by experienced entrepreneurs. We launched our product in spring of 2018, and have been working closely with general contractors and multi-trade subcontractors to refine the software. We are privately funded by construction executives and technology angels.

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