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With FieldChat you can:

Turn texting chaos on projects into centralized, organized, and searchable conversations

Collect information like Manpower Logs and COVID Assessments via SMS and sync the data with Procore

Send messages and photos using your computer, the FieldChat mobile app, or simply by sending a text

Integration Summary

Say goodbye to texting chaos, chasing subs, and double data entry.

FieldChat is the #1 communication and data collection app for teams using Procore. It breaks down communication silos by bringing all your text messages, photos, files, and activity logs into one, organized, and searchable app that auto-syncs your data with Procore.

FieldChat supports the tech your subs already know how to use, like SMS text and QR codes, to communicate and collect the data you need for the Procore Daily Log.

How it works

To start using FieldChat, sign up for our 14-day free trial. From there, you can create your first project and conversation channels. Each channel is like a group chat about a particular topic, ‘Electrical’ for example.

Once you’ve set up your channels, you can start inviting your team members. With our integration to Procore, you can access existing project directories to make this process easier.

Depending on the type of user (foremen, superintendent, subcontractor) you can invite them to download the mobile app or simply send them a text from FieldChat. Managers are more likely to get value from the mobile app because of the increased visibility that it provides. Subcontractors are more likely to get value from texting because there’s nothing new to download or learn.

Once a user is invited to a channel they can start sending messages and photos using the mobile app or text.

You can even collect important information like Manpower Logs and COVID Assessments via text messages and QR codes, helping you eliminate paper and save time chasing after subcontractors for data. The data is auto-synced with Procore for better site documentation.

FieldChat administrators have complete control over who has access to what. Every message and log is easily searchable, giving you peace of mind in the event of a dispute.

How FieldChat integrates with Procore to increase efficiency and improve site documentation:

+ Access Procore's project directory to quickly add team members and subs to conversation channels in FieldChat

+ Collect data from subcontractors like Manpower Logs, Visitor Logs, COVID Assessments, Observations, RFIs, Deliveries, Toolbox Talks, and more via a FieldChat SMS and auto-sync the data with Procore

+ Auto-sync photos shared in FieldChat with Procore photos

+ Share Procore notifications like RFI updates with field teams and subs via a FieldChat SMS

+ Use your Procore login to access FieldChat and run it as an embeddable app within Procore

Integration Requirements
  • Try FieldChat free for 14 days!

Required Procore Tools
  • Directory
  • Photos
  • RFI
  • Daily Log
  • Observations
  • Punch List

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About FieldChat

FieldChat is a software company based in Toronto, Canada. We help construction teams using Procore eliminate texting chaos on projects and improve documentation in Procore.

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