Field Control Analytics (FCA)

Real-time workforce data and analytics

With the Field Control Analytics (FCA) integration you can:

Providing automated, accurate and actionable labor headcounts and manhours

Support wrap up program compliance - Support workforce participation compliance

Access real-time worker counts for safety and clarity between CM and Subs

Integration Summary

We support three levels of integration with on-demand updates including the ability to import subcontractor contacts in FCA for a project into Procore, consolidate views of manpower hours for all subcontractors for the day, or manpower hours for an individual subcontractor (Vendor) for the day.

How it Works

- Register the FCA Procore Integration app under your Procore account
- Setup a Procore user account using the email address with standard access to logs and read-only directory - access for Companies and Vendors
- Create a new Vendor in Procore called “Field Control Analytics (Integration)”
- Enable either the Daily Manpower Log or the Daily Construction Report Log in Procore
- FCA maps Primes/Subcontractors to matched Procore Vendors
- FCA data for the prior day is written to selected Procore log at 5:00 am daily

Integration Requirements
  • Integration is free to mutual Procore and FCA clients
  • Read-Only Directory Access for Companies and Vendors
Procore Tools Required
  • Directory
  • Daily Log
Helpful Links

Field Control Analytics Company Website
Procore Support Article

About Field Control Analytics

Field Control Analytics’ mission is to reimagine the use of technology to advance worker data analytics. For almost 20 years, FCA has captured construction workforce data that increases productivity, job site efficiencies, and enables project teams with tools to complete work on-time and under budget. FCA’s industry knowledge and expertise led to its combining of products and services with innovative technologies to deliver real-time and historical workforce labor data.

Whether your jobsite needs are centered around safety & risk, increasing operational productivity or compliance-centered, FCA is the best partner to minimize risk, increase productivity, improve real-time reporting, and reduce cost. | | (800) 388-8827.

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