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With Facility Grid you can:

Overview gives insights into the status of Cx Issues, Tests, and Tasks for all Cx and QC activities

Closeout tracks equipment testing, progress of personnel training, readiness & handover deliverables

Two-way synch allows users to create/respond to Cx issues and observations within either application

Integration Summary

Facility Grid provides seamless integration with Procore for true insight into Commissioning (Cx) activities and overall project health, giving users one place to look for all information related to the status of the building's assets, activities and milestones. Track equipment and system testing, personnel training and readiness, and documentation, directly in Procore.

How it works

Once linked to a project in Procore, Procore will seamlessly display Cx Project Health information from a corresponding project in Facility Grid. Additionally, integration of Procore and Facility Grid enables creating and responding to Cx deficiencies in both platforms. All content, including attached pictures and documents, is synched between the two solutions automatically and in real time.

Integration Requirements
  • Users are required to maintain an active account with Facility Grid using the same email that is registered with Procore.

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About Facility Grid

Facility Grid was founded in 2014 to develop software dedicated to supporting the building Cx and construction industries. Used by some of the world’s largest building owners, construction companies and Cx providers, Facility Grid brings transparency to the Cx and QC processes ensuring project stakeholders are fully informed on the state of operational readiness of buildings.

Facility Grid’s Cx software streamlines and centralizes managing all Cx and QC testing activities providing every project stakeholder with insights into current status while encouraging collaboration and increasing efficiency. Facility Grid delivers owners a database of building equipment information for continuous compliance, maintenance, and ongoing Cx needs.

Additionally, Facility Grid’s Operational Readiness software gives all stakeholders 360 degree visibility into the project’s readiness empowering users with real time tracking of all Cx and closeout activities, milestones and their impact on the project schedule. These insights enable stakeholders to make data-driven decisions around the project. Specifically, these features facilitate tracking equipment and system testing, monitor progress of personnel training and readiness as well as closeout deliverables, and identify outstanding activities and deficiencies that require immediate prioritization.

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