With an Eyrus integration you can:

Know who was or is on your construction site

Know if the right number and the right people are on site to complete the project on time

Know that accurate data is easily transferred into Procore’s daily log for seamless reporting and tracking

Integration Summary

Eyrus™ provides real-time, accurate, on-site trade and resource data and analytics for all project stakeholders. The dashboard aggregates data to provide a high-level overview of your projects and can be viewed by CSI, company, or tradesperson. You can see which projects and contractors are on schedule or falling behind. Our flexible alert system sends text or email alerts when trade hours are out of alignment with the project plan. Our Trade Consistency Index and Trade Safety Index give insight into the consistency of staffing and safety performance.

Company/Partner Summary

The Eyrus™ real-time resource tracking system was developed by 5 partners from the construction industry with over 100 years of industry experience. All of that experience taught us that knowing the right people and resources were on site at the right time was the leading indicator of project success. This inspiration lead to harnessing the power of technology, combined with a deep understanding of project dynamics. Receive accurate and detailed resource data and analytics to seamlessly provide site transparency in real-time.

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