With the Eyrus integration you can:

Automate all headcounts and man hours in Procore Daily Log

Keep track of headcounts in real time

Increase productivity by reducing manual entry

Integration Summary

Eyrus is a workforce productivity tool that uses automated data straight from the labor force on your construction site. By tracking the workforce in real-time, the Eyrus system provides actionable insights and reports on the schedule and subcontractor deployment. With the Eyrus Procore integration, headcounts and man hours will automatically be updated in your Procore Daily Log. This integration will save time on-site by decreasing administrative duties and reducing manual data entry.

How it Works

Users match their Procore project to their Eyrus project under “Integrations” in the Eyrus system. Eyrus sends real-time headcounts per subcontractor to the Procore Daily Log as the workforce data is automatically collected from the site. At the end of the day, Eyrus sends the total daily man hour information to the Procore Daily Log.

Integration Requirements
  • Integration is free with a subscription to Eyrus
  • Integration is used with a Procore Service Account
Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log
Helpful Links

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About Eyrus

Eyrus is a real-time productivity tool that creates actionable insights directly from your construction workforce. Automated data collection provides a continuous stream of information delivered from the field to you - anytime, anywhere. Know the facts as they happen! Eyrus creates on site efficiencies, reduces claims & disputes, recovers lost time faster, and improves safety and quality onsite. Enhance collaboration through transparency and empower your team to make the proactive decisions that matter!

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