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With the ExakTime integration you can:

Your crew’s time and attendance information is transferred over to Procore

Secure & accurate reporting ensures compliance is met and improvements to processes are identified

Cost codes, employee demographics, locations and projects data are sent back into ExakTime

Integration Summary

The ExakTime, an Arcoro company, Time & Attendance system, coupled with Procore provides a customizable data analysis experience with enhanced dashboards, integrations, and workflows. ExakTime transfers time data into Procore, then Procore syncs it and sends ExakTime back correct reporting and analytic information including cost codes, projects, and other employee demographics. Secure data, ensure compliance and generate accurate reporting with this integration.

How it works

ExakTime transfers time tracking & scheduling data into Procore from, Time & Attendance. In turn, Procore sends reporting/analytics including cost codes, employee demographics and location/projects data back into ExakTime.

Integration Requirements
Required Procore Tools
  • Budget
  • Directory
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About ExakTime

ExakTime is an innovative leader in cloud-based Time & Attendance solutions and services. The tool helps companies easily manage, secure and utilize their time data. Its automated efficiencies ensure compliance is met and reporting is accurate. ExakTime specializes in high-consequence and government contracting industries because of the unique needs they have.

ExakTime is an Arcoro company product that combines over 55-years of experience to support over 10,000 customers and 360,000 daily users. The powerful cloud-based HR and workforce management platform provides comprehensive HR Management, Talent Management and Time and Attendance modules. With compliance top-of-mind, Arcoro combines essential HR processes in one place to simplify workflows and secure your data.

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