EVA Check-in

With EVA Check-in you can:

Automatically send company/vendor work hours from onsite check-in to the daily log in Procore

Automatically collect onsite visitor data and send to daily log.

Use EVA Check-in to manage online inductions, site check-ins, and site communications.

Integration Summary

EVA Check-in is a site check-in solution. EVA helps you ensure people are safely inducted before they go on site, check them in when they arrive, see who is (and was) on site, and communicate with them in an emergency.

EVA’s Procore integration saves you time. We use check-in data to track per-company work hours in your daily log and update visitor logs automatically.

EVA supports QR code, kiosk and geofence sign in - simplifying the check-in experience and improving compliance.

How it works

Automatically gather work hours and visitor data. Save time and improve data quality. Use EVA Check-in to manage online inductions, site check-ins, and on-site communications. Connect your projects in Procore with your sites in EVA Check-in. Once connected, EVA Check-in uploads company work hours for the site to the manpower log for the project every hour. Visitor log data is updated when a visitor checks out.

Integration requires an EVA Check-in subscription. Simply setup of a site in EVA Check-in and then configure the Procore settings. Integration uses client credentials, which requires a service account to be created within your Procore account. Enable induction processes and certificates in EVA for your sites as required.

Integration Requirements
  • Valid Procore subscription
  • Valid EVA Check-in subscription with Procore add-on enabled
  • Procore service account is required with directory access

Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log

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About EVA Check-in

EVA Check-in is a leading visitor management and site safety solution with over 9 million check-ins a year.

EVA Check-in works to keep people and sites safe and supports all kinds of sites from construction to corporate offices.

Advanced security features and ISO27001 certification means we keep your data secure.

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