Procore Estimating

Procore Estimating

With Procore Estimating you can:

Quickly and accurately perform a takeoff on plans, with available Autocount

Generate detailed estimates using expansive trade catalogs of national-average pricing

Submit budgetary numbers into Procore Financials Budget

Integration Summary

Procore Estimating is an estimating & takeoff solution that gives you fast and accurate estimating & takeoff integrated with the Procore platform to help your team more effectively manage costs throughout the entire project.

* Connecting estimates from the bid to financials - automatically creating the budget and prime contracts so they don’t lose important information in the transition from precon into construction.
* Streamlining change management - By connecting estimating with drawing so every revision can be quickly & easily documented and priced
* Supercharging takeoff - with features like auto-count which is applying AI to assist in symbol recognition to dramatically reduce the time needed to do takeoff.
* Enhancing the competitiveness of bids - By increasing the speed and accuracy of takeoff & estimating so your estimators can quickly bid & win more work

How it works

Procore Estimating is available as a native part of the Procore platform. Please contact your sales representative or request a demo:

Required Procore Tools
  • Admin
  • Drawings
  • Budget
  • Prime Contract
  • Specifications

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