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With the Esticom Takeoff and Estimating integration you can:

Quickly and accurately perform a takeoff on plans, with available Autocount

Generate detailed estimates using expansive trade catalogs of national-average pricing

Submit budgetary numbers directly into Procore

Integration Summary

Esticom’s cloud-based takeoff and estimating platform integrates directly in the Procore platform UI to provide near-native takeoff and estimating capability for Procore. Esticom will automatically sync plans to and from Procore projects, to make sure you are always using the latest set. The integrated takeoff enables customers to quickly and accurately perform a takeoff. The built-in national average pricing flows through right to the estimate until final bid is pushed to Procore Budget.

How it works

Through integration with Esticom, Procore customers gain the ability to perform a detailed takeoff and estimate on project plans and push budgetary numbers back into Procore. No need for customers to navigate clunky spreadsheets and formatting issues. Through use of Procore’s “Embedded Experience” Procore customers are able to perform a takeoff and generate an estimate without leaving the Procore interface. Budgetary numbers are automatically updated, and broken out by cost-code / cost-type. Plans are automatically synchronized to Esticom, so customers are always using the latest version, and able to visually compare changes in the Takeoff interface.

Integration Requirements
  • Active/Trial Esticom Subscription
Required Procore Tools
  • Budget
  • Drawings
  • Prime Contract
  • Specifications
Helpful Links

Procore Support Article
Install an App from the App Marketplace


Esticom is a cloud-based takeoff and estimating software solution purpose-built for subcontractors and self-performing GCs. The company’s mission is to help contractors streamline their estimating and project management processes by building easy to use, purpose built products, tested and proven by industry experts. Serving customers around the globe, Esticom was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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