Ei Dynamics SQL Replicator

Data Connection

With the Ei Dynamics SQL Replicator integration you can:

Replicate Procore data into a SQL Server database in Real Time

Every data resource available within the Procore API is available for replication

Ability to use standard industry reporting and business analytic tools such as Tableau or SSRS

Integration Summary

Ei Dynamics' SQL Replicator is a powerful data replication solution that allows your Procore data to be replicated to either an on-premise or cloud-hosted SQL Server database in real-time. By having your Procore data in a SQL database you can easily create reports or build custom integrations between other systems. As data is entered or changes are made to existing records through the native Procore interface, the changes are replicated to a SQL Server database within 60 seconds or less.

How it works

Ei Dynamics' SQL Replicator connects directly to the Procore API and leverages their 'webhooks' to replicate data from Procore into a SQL Server database in real time. As users enter data or make changes to existing data in Procore, the changes are reflected in either an on-premise or cloud hosted SQL database in 60 seconds or less. Every resource available through the Procore API is available for replication into SQL Server tables.

Integration Requirements
  • Ei Dynamics Procore SQL Replicator Subscription
Required Procore Tools
  • None required, but can pull data from all Procore Tools accessible from the Procore APIs
Helpful Links

SQL Replicator for Procore Product Page

About Ei Dynamics

Established in 2007, Ei Dynamics' provides a workflow and data integration platform for the construction industry. With Ei Dynamics' point and click development environment, companies and IT professionals can rapidly implement highly customized and tailored workflows and data integration routines in a matter of minutes or hours as opposed to days, weeks, or months. The Ei Dynamics platform can be used to augment and enhance the functionality of existing on-premise or cloud-based systems or act as a stand-alone platform for building highly custom mobile and web-based applications for construction companies.

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