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With the Egnyte integration you can:

Sync of Documents folder to Egnyte

Data Governance & File Permissions

Document revision control

Integration Summary

Egnyte Sync allows a two-way between Procore’s “Documents” folder and Egnyte. This allows users to have the same documents in both locations, so people can access the same files regardless of whether they are in Procore or Egnyte. Teams need to access to CAD/CAM files, photos, contracts, and other large digital files at any time and on any mobile device. Ensure business integrity by maximizing security and protecting files.

How it works

Egnyte for Procore enables two-way sync between Procore's Documents folder and a specific folder in Egnyte. Changes made to one will be reflected in both places. This will happen once an hour.

Integration Requirements
  • Egnyte Power user License
  • Procore License
  • To connect the project to Procore you must be a Procore Admin
  • Procore Service Account
Required Procore Tools
  • Documents
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About Egnyte

Egnyte delivers the only modern content collaboration platform that is purpose-built for business. We empower IT with centralized data governance, so they can protect business-critical content wherever it resides, allowing secure content collaboration. Egnyte helps organizations identify, monitor, and report on all assets, while staying fully compliant with the latest data regulations. Now teams have secure file sharing capability and access to content delivered at hyper-speed, regardless of file size, location, device or bandwidth.

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