With the Ecodomus integration you can:

EcoDomus brings a model, drawing and scan data to the entire building lifecycle team, allowing users to make the model information-rich

EcoDomus Issues module allows the discovery of problems from any environment and communicate those to all other project participants

Create an “RFI” in Procore directly from EcoDomus Issues

Integration Summary

EcoDomus Connector provides an ability to synchronize EcoDomus Issues to Procore RFIs. This feature allows promptly creating RFIs that arise during the collaboration work on a project or during the operation using EcoDomus application and BIM technology.

How it works

The user creates new or modifies existing issues in EcoDomus software using the web or mobile application and the user can create new or modify existing RFIs in Procore. EcoDomus connector tracks the changes in both systems and syncs them.

Integration Requirements
Required Procore Tools
  • RFIs
Helpful Links

EcoDomus Portal
Procore Support Article

About EcoDomus

EcoDomus is an information technology firm focusing on improving the ways buildings are designed, built, managed and retrofitted using Building Information Modeling (BIM). EcoDomus is the leading such provider, bringing the value of BIM to building owners and occupiers for an improved design and construction data collection and handover, facility management, operation, and maintenance. BIM FM, our key product, also supports the integration of occupier business data with building data to allow an analysis of the interaction between business and facility.

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