EBIX - COI Tracking

Data Connection

With the Ebix integration you can have:

Insurance Certificate Tracking

Automate collection and review of insurance certificates

Vendor/Contractor Insurance Compliance

Integration Summary

The necessity to monitor and validate the insurance status of companies with whom you do business is an essential element in your overall risk control program. Created specifically for the commercial and residential construction industries, CertsOnline is a Full-Service Certificate of Insurance Management intended to relieve your organization of the time consuming, labor-intensive responsibility of insurance compliance activities. In the Full Service Tracking Approach, EbixRCS is responsible for: establishing and maintaining the insurance tracking database and managing all of the day-to-day transactional processes, soliciting evidence of insurance coverage, identifying and following up on deficiencies, recording and acting on coverage renewal dates and providing insured level and management level reporting.

Clients do not require to keep two systems at a time, a single ‘sign on’ will be established where insurance compliance status and other required information will be pushed into the existing platform with the help of Web APIs and seamless integration using XML, JSON, etc. Our interface is both uni and bi-directional with the ability of both pulling and pushing the data. All data is exchanged through approved agreements between Ebix and Clients.

How it works

Step 1: Client of Procore is interested in Ebix and becomes a client.
Step 2: Ebix does its independent implementation on its platform to perform services.
Step 3: Client expresses its requirements (data fields) for integration.
Step 4: Ebix uses Procore's open APIs to send the insured/vendor data to Procore and vice versa on a real-time basis.

Integration Requirements
Required Procore Tools
  • Required tools will vary as this is a customizable integration
About Ebix

Ebix is the largest provider of insurance certificate management services in North America and worldwide. We work with over 750 organizations across 27 different industry verticals and manage millions of certificates annually. Our services help in achieving a comprehensive compliance status for every certificate of insurance that a business requires. Our certified risk professionals & consultants have been helping organizations minimize their 3rd party risk & exposure for over 25 years, while also automating their insurance compliance process, leading to minimal claims & administrative costs.

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