Benefits of Ebix:

Certificate of Insurance Management & Risk Management Services

Reduced 3rd Party Risks and Exposures by validating all the Certificate of Insurances and reviewing the insurance requirements

Reduced administration Costs with the help of outsourced processes

Digital Storage & Automated Processes-helping in eliminating human errors and saving time

Integration Summary

The necessity to monitor and validate the insurance status of companies with whom you do business is an essential element in your overall risk control program. Created specifically for the commercial and residential construction industries, CertsOnline is a Full Service Certificate of Insurance Management intended to relieve your organization of the time consuming, labor intensive responsibility of insurance compliance activities. In the Full Service Tracking Approach, EbixRCS is responsible for: establishing and maintaining the insurance tracking database and managing all of the day-to-day transactional processes, soliciting evidence of insurance coverage, identifying and following up on deficiencies, recording and acting on coverage renewal dates and providing insured level and management level reporting. Clients do not require to keep two systems at a time, a single ‘sign on’ will be established where insurance compliance status and other required information will be pushed in to existing platform with the help of Web APIs and seamless integration using XML, JSON etc. Our interface is both uni and bi-directional with the ability of both pulling and pushing the data. All data is exchanged through approved agreements between Ebix and Clients.

About This Company

The Risk & Compliance division ‘EbixRCS’ of Ebix Inc. (NASDAQ: EBIX) focuses exclusively on providing certificate of insurance management programs and risk management information systems to organizations in both the public and private sector. EbixRCS works with 600+ clients in United States across 27 different industry verticals, tracking in excess of 10.8 million certificates in a year. The financial strength and support of Ebix, Inc., combined with our singular focus on delivering compliance management systems and services, allows EbixRCS to meet our clients’ needs today while having the resources to develop enhancements and additional services to meet evolving needs. EbixRCS has been serving the construction industry specifically since the mid 1990’s, with a track record of consistent performance and innovation. As a result of solid performance, and a reputation for catering to the unique needs of the construction industry, EbixRCS has continued to grow its client roster. We have become the leader in the industry for one simple reason: we have more knowledge and experience at monitoring insurance compliance for builders and developers than anyone else.

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