eBacon Time Card Integration


With the eBacon Time Card integration you can:

Time card integration

Advanced payroll calculations

Accurate certified payroll reports

Integration Summary

eBacon's integration enhances Procore's time card system with geo-specific overtime and double-time calculations, prevailing wage rate assignment, trust management and payroll processing.

How it works

eBacon pulls time and attendance data from Procore and allows you to run payroll with advanced calculations such as prevailing wage, fringe management, and compliance auditing. Our integration also automatically adds employees to procore as you hire/fire to prevent double entry.

Integration Requirements
  • Customer of eBacon
  • Grant permissions to procore from eBacon platform
  • Some setup required in eBacon for public works projects
  • Procore Service Account
Required Procore Tools
  • Timesheets
Helpful Links

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