Avicado Sync

With Avicado Sync you can:

Eliminate double entry between your clients PMIS (e.g. e-Builder®, PM Web, Aurigo, Autodesk etc.)

Sync RFI's and Submittals between accounts

Sync key project data / information

Integration Summary

With Avicado Sync, an integration tool you can Unify your front office and back office with prebuilt integration that orchestrates processes from end to end, ensuring data consistency and transparency.

Integration Summary

Our connector will sync data from your Procore instance to any target PMIS, ERP, CRM or open API endpoint.
• Submittals
• Daily Logs
• Contracts
• Commitments
• Subcontracts
• Encumbrances
• Purchase Orders
• Invoices
• And More …

How it works

Seamlessly syncs Cost and Non-Cost objects created in Procore to key operational owner software, from other software to Procore, or a mix of both. Our tool also includes an interface for reporting, manual connection, and settings for your project team.

• Update key Vendor Details in your ERP which are automatically reflected in your PMIS software.
• Create vendors in your PMIS which trigger a vendor sync in your ERP.
• Provide new SS of Procore RFI (Data fields)

Integration Requirements
  • API Access
  • Procore Service Account

Required Procore Tools
  • RFI
  • Submittals

About Avicado Construction Technology Services, LLC

Avicado is the ultimate construction owner’s ally. Deploying best-in-class cloud-based technologies, we elevate project delivery and operations for enterprise organizations such as data centers, universities, hospitals, transportation authorities, and real estate developers. Our services include:

• Delivering Software Integrations
• Construction and Technology Experts
• Improved Tools in PMIS
• Professional Consulting and Best Practices
• Custom Solutions in Development
• Advanced Reporting and Business Intelligence

Our mission at Avicado is to improve your organization's experience with your Construction PMIS (eg e-Builder®, Aurigo, Autodesk, PM Web). In our relentless effort to do that, we discovered that eliminating duplicate entry from Procore into e-Builder greatly improved people's experience with the tool.

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