Double Entry Eliminator by Avicado

With the Double Entry Eliminator by Avicado integration you can:

Eliminate double entry between your clients software and Procore

Sync RFI's and Submittals between accounts

Interface to manually sync, edit settings, and make customization

Integration Summary

Our connector will sync RFIs and Submittals from Procore directly to your clients PMIS software and back.

How it works

Seamlessly syncs RFI's and Submittals created in Procore to other software, from other software to Procore, or a mix of both. Our tool also includes an interface for reporting, manual connection, and settings for your project team.

Integration Requirements
Required Procore Tools
  • RFI
  • Submittals
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About Avicado

Our mission at Avicado is to improve your organization's experience with e-Builder®. In our relentless effort to do that, we discovered that eliminating duplicate entry from Procore into e-Builder greatly improved people's experience with the tool.

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