With the DroneDeploy Integration you can:

Sync high resolution drone imagery into Procore projects

Monitor changes of your site as time progresses

Seamlessly integrate drone data into your project management workflow

Integration Summary

Easily import high-resolution drone imagery from your DroneDeploy account into Procore projects. Transform your drones into powerful progress tracking and change detection tools.

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About DroneDeploy

Scalable cloud-based image processing, data storage and sharing form the backbone of the DroneDeploy platform, while user-friendly web, iOS and Android interfaces make it easy to automatically fly and capture drone data, view and analyze maps on any device and leverage drone data throughout your organization. Already a robust solution, users can tailor DroneDeploy to fit the needs of their businesses by installing tools from industry experts available on the DroneDeploy App Market or by leveraging open APIs to build their own custom tools and integrations.

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