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With the Document Crunch integration you can:

Artificial Intelligence - Review Construction Contracts and Insurance Policies Fast.

Save time and money. Increase effectiveness of reviews. Low cost. No commitments. Pay as you go.

Industry Curators' Rationale/Insights and Sample Language for each provision. No extra charge.

Integration Summary

Document Crunch is an artificial intelligence platform with solutions specifically for the construction industry, ready to review contracts, insurance policies and project specifications, saving time and money and increasing the effectiveness and accuracy of the human reviews. We identify contract and insurance policy provisions and provide users rationale/insights and sample language for each provision drafted by our construction industry curators.

How it works

Our industry curators are legal and risk management specialists who worked to train a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence/machine learning platform to review construction contracts and insurance policies to identify the provisions they most frequently look for. Users simply upload a document, and allow our back-end platform to process it. Once completed (usually within minutes), users receive an e-mail that their document is ready to be reviewed and is available in their online dashboard. Document Crunch's interactive platform allows users to quickly navigate through their documents to locate the most important provisions. Users can share their documents with other users, make notes on various provisions and take advantage of our curators' rationale/insights and sample language, which is provided for each provision.

Integration Requirements
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Required Procore Tools
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About Document Crunch

Document Crunch is an easy-to-use Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Platform with solutions already created for specific industries, including the construction industry. There are no up-front costs, users pay as they go, on a document-by-document basis. The platform is easy and intuitive to use, so there is no need for extensive training or demonstrations. And, since we already created industry-specific algorithms, our solutions are immediately ready to save you time and money and help ensure effective contract and insurance policy reviews.

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