Cintoo Cloud

Laser scans & BIM on-demand!


With the Cintoo Cloud integration you can:

Host, view, share, distribute & analyze laser scan data

Scan & BIM comparison for visual analysis and issue tracking

Push issues to Procore as Observations

Integration Summary

Cintoo Cloud is a SaaS platform to turn massive laser scan data into cloud and BIM compatible Reality Data that can be shared, viewed, annotated, measured or distributed for Scan-to-BIM workflows in a collaborative way. Cintoo Cloud also enables Scan-vs-BIM workflow for QA / QC process. Cintoo Cloud leverages a unique point cloud-to-mesh technology allowing the very fast streaming of high-resolution, mesh-based scan data in a web browser with no plug-in to install.

How it works

Cintoo Cloud allows to create issues in your as-built scan data, or when comparing your as-built (scans) with the design (BIM model). With the Cintoo Cloud to Procore integration, those issues are pushed to Procore as observations for your BIM coordination process.

Integration Requirements
  • Collaboration, Sharing & Distribution (CSD) subscription to Cintoo Cloud based on the number of scans/setups, for unlimited users, models and projects.
  • Visual Analysis (VA) option to the CSD Subscription.
  • Web GL browser (Chrome, Firefox or Edge) - No plug-in to install.
Required Procore Tools
  • Observations
Helpful Links

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Cintoo Youtube channel (webinars, how to videos...)
Cintoo Cloud User Guide | Procore Integration
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About Cintoo

Cintoo is a company based in the USA and France, serving the Construction, BIM and Digital Twin industries. The core technology behind Cintoo Cloud took many years of research & development. With more than 1.5 billion square feet of laser scan data upload to the platform during the first 2 years of sale, Cintoo Cloud is now recognized as the most advanced platform to manage laser scan and BIM data over the cloud.

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