Data Connection

With the Buildup integration you can:

Load project data from Procore into Buildup including user contact information, units, and plans.

Tasks in Buildup will be synced to Procore including the description, photos, status, and comments.

Buildup provides customized task reporting that can be easily exported (PDF or XLS/CSV).

Integration Summary

Buildup is an extremely easy to use punch list/task management, inspection, and jobsite collaboration software for construction, development, and management of renovation and ground-up projects. Our system streamlines communication between the developer/architect/consultants, GCs and subcontractors with automated follow-ups and reporting to improve efficiency on projects.

How it Works

Buildup's integration with Procore allows customers to easily set up a new project in Buildup, automatically pulling the initial setup documents from Procore. Additionally, any task opened or updated in Buildup will be automatically sent back to Procore so that no one has to do any double data entry or worry about syncing data accordingly and that everything is documented and reflected in both Buildup and Procore.

Integration Requirements

Integration free with subscription to Buildup.

Required Procore Tools
  • Photos
  • Punch List
Helpful Links

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About Buildup

Buildup is based in San Francisco, California. The company was originally founded in 2015 and our platform is used internationally on a wide variety of ground-up and renovation projects. We are on a mission to work with our partners to transform and revolutionize the construction and real estate industry as we solve the universal communication problem which causes many construction projects to be delayed and over budget.

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