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Buildr Warranty Management

Buildr Warranty Management

With the Buildr Warranty Management integration you can:

Report warranty issues from the General Contractor's account, or from the owner's account

Assign and collaborate on issues with the responsible contractor, recording all communication

Reporting across all jobs on issue status, equipment failures, response times, and warranty costs

Integration Summary

This warranty tool is designed for Procore users to optimize the warranty process and increase project profit margins.

How much money do you spend on warranty issues? Can you accurately track this? 

Buildr maximizes collaboration so that issues can be tracked, managed, and reported like never before, connecting the owner, GC, and subcontractor.

Dashboards & reports reveal companies with the most issues, how much those issues cost you and ensure you get reimbursed by the responsible partners.

How it works

Instead of building a warranty management tool and then creating an integration with Procore, we designed this tool specifically for Procore users. There is no additional integration needed and we offer the embedded app experience with Procore. Just sign in to Buildr using your Procore account and it perfectly matches your workflow.

Integration Requirements
  • Active subscription to Buildr Warranty Management
  • Active subscription to Procore
Required Procore Tools
  • Directory
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About Buildr

Founded by Procore alumni, Buildr focuses on automating construction processes to simplify closeout while bridging the gap between construction and facilities management. By creating a warranty and facilities management platform that changes the way data is recorded and fed back into decision-making processes, Buildr transforms project data into the foundation that is used to maintain the owner’s facility for the next century and beyond.

Influenced by their years of experience at Procore and observation of the way the industry was trending, Buildr launched with the blessing of Procore CEO Tooey Courtemanche:

“The team at Buildr is taking years of construction technology experience and applying that knowledge to developing products that drive value and solve problems for the construction industry.”

– Tooey Courtemanche, Founder and CEO of Procore

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