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With the integration you can: app creates Draft RFI in Procore from Slack message and puts Procore RFI link in Slack

User can create ManPowerLog

Punch list items, Observations, Tasks, Daily logs, etc. from Slack and Microsoft Teams (coming soon)

Integration Summary is a digital assistant that helps subcontractors and GC staff to do work in construction systems easier via Slack and Microsoft Teams. Our functionality:

  • app for Slack to create and track RFIs without leaving messenger.
  • Using the Slack form you can create ManPowerLog
  • App for Slack to create, track, resolve Punch list items, Tasks, Observations, Daily
  • logs from within messenger (coming soon).
  • App for Microsoft Teams (coming soon)
How it works

1. Subcontractors or GC staff type the text of RFI and attach images or files right within Slack. The project team can discuss and clarify RFI using thread.
2. As a subcontractor or RFI manager, you can call app from the message menu to create Draft RFI.
3. The app adds the text of RFI message to the Question field. Just fill in other fields if it's required.
4. Submit and the app creates Draft RFI in Procore, attaches images and files, and places the RFI link into the thread of the initial message.
5. Create ManPawerLog - click on the lightning icon in the text box Slack, open the Shortcuts menu and click on Сreate ManPowerLog

Integration Requirements
  • Account
  • Slack Account
Required Procore Tools
  • Admin
  • Directory
  • Change Events
  • Daily Log
  • Observations
  • Punch List
  • RFI
  • Tasks
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App development company based in San Francisco. We create Slack and Microsoft Teams platform solutions for the construction industry.

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