Bridgit Bench Integration

Data Connection

With Bridgit Bench Integration you can:

Gives you a comprehensive view of project and resource demands in one central platform

Shows you the impact to your resource strategy with automatic updates on project information

Enables you to import project bids and start pencilling in your dream team before they’re awarded

Integration Summary

Bridgit Bench is construction workforce intelligence for contractors. Bridgit Bench makes it easy to allocate people to projects, manage capacity, track projects, analyze workforce utilization, forecast workforce needs, track skills and certifications, and more. Bridgit Bench includes powerful Gantt views, full project history, scenario running, real-time dashboards, integration options, and mobile applications for iOS and Android.

How it works

You can automatically import projects, project bids, unfilled roles, and any custom fields from your Procore account directly into Bridgit Bench to decrease context switching, simplify app management, and customize your Procore and Bridgit Bench experience.

Integration Requirements
  • Active subscription to Procore
  • Active subscription to Bridgit Bench

Required Procore Tools
  • Admin
  • Directory
  • Home

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About Bridgit

Bridgit develops workforce intelligence solutions for the construction industry. Our mission is to help you maximize your company profit and reduce project risk by taking a people-first approach.

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