Document Management

Box with BuildrSync

Box with BuildrSync

With your Box integration you can:

Create a real-time sync from Box to Procore within seconds

Increase collaboration by making it easy to access and attach Box documents from within Procore

Automatically save completed RFIs, Submittals, Daily Reports, Photos, Drawings, Inspections, and more in Box from Procore

Automatically increase security by backing up all your documents in two different locations (Box & Procore)

Integration Summary

BuildrSync for Box connects Box and Procore through an automated real-time sync. Any file that is added to Box, will automatically be accessible through Procore. This means all your plans and documents will be uploaded from Box to Procore and can easily be attached to specific projects in your Procore account for increased organization and collaboration. BuildrSync also offers a smart, two-way sync from Procore back to Box everytime an RFI, submittal, daily log, and documents are completed in Procore. This saves your team time and minimizes human error. This also provides additional security for your company since all your documents will now be stored in two different cloud locations.

Integration Requirements
  • Free or paid Box account

Product Lines Required
  • Core
  • Project Documents - Admin level permissions

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Procore Support Article

About Buildr

Buildr is a technology company that specializes in the construction industry and is dedicated to creatively solving problems for our clients. Our development team is led by two of the early Procore employees who each played an integral role in the creation of the Procore platform. Our extensive experience in the construction industry and our technology expertise enables us to uniquely approach problems and continually challenge the technological advancements in the industry

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