Data Connection

With a Botlink integration you can:

Use aerial imagery to aid the entire construction process including: bids, planning, safety, and more.

Upload aerial imagery from Botlink to Procore automatically, instantly, and hassle-free.

Capture photos in urban centers, rural spaces, or anywhere in the world.

Integration Summary

Botlink takes hundreds of photos over your job site and uses geodata to stitch them into a single, high-resolution orthomosaic image. It then automatically syncs those images into your Procore albums to help you track progress, identify problems, make plans, and instantly share the images with stakeholders on or off-site for faster decision making. UAVs provide higher-quality imagery than manned flights at lower costs. And Botlink’s built-in airspace awareness helps users fly safely.

Required Procore Tools
  • None
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Procore Support Article

About Botlink

Botlink was founded by military pilots and sensor operators with more than 5,000 combined hours of experience, including the MQ-1 Predator drone. They started Botlink with the mission to share the benefits of UAVs with commercial operators, while helping them overcome the lack of airspace awareness and stringent FAA guidelines that often prevent users from incorporating the technology.

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