With a Bolt integration you can:

Make it simple for Procore Customers and Subcontractors to work together by keeping the project schedule accurate.

Read the content of email communication that you, the Procore Customer, send to your subcontractor, and update the project inside Bolt for the subcontractor.

Allow the Subcontractor to have one organized place with all their project data.

Integration Summary

Bolt reads the content of email communication that the Procore Customer sends to the subcontractor and updates the project inside Bolt for the subcontractor. This gives the General Contractor and Procore Customer the peace of mind that all schedule changes sent to the subcontractor are added to their workload. Subcontractors usually work for multiple GCs so the Bolt integration with Procore allows the sub to keep their schedule accurate, and minimize data entry errors.

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Procore Support Article

About Bolt

Bolt was started by Subcontractors, for Subcontractors. Originally we didn’t even plan on going into the software business, but after we made our first version to manage a few projects we had other companies asking us if they could use Bolt as well. The word spread fast and we started Bolt to help serve the entire building community by empowering Subcontractors around the world to modernize their operations and embrace technology.

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