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With the Bluebeam Studio Prime Integration you can:

Create a Studio Session in Procore for each of your Submittals

Send Submittal Documents from Procore to the Studio Session, enabling project team collaboration

Finalize the Studio Session in Procore to send the marked-up PDF from Bluebeam back to Procore

Integration Summary

The Procore integration with Bluebeam Studio Prime is a free integration that allows users to create a Studio Session for a Submittal. From Procore, users with a paid subscription to Bluebeam Studio Prime can create a Session, invite users, send PDF documents to the Studio Session, and pull the marked-up PDF back into the Submittal Item when the Session is finalized from Procore.

Integration Requirements:

Required Procore Tools
  • Submittals
Helpful Links

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Procore Support Article

About Bluebeam

Bluebeam Studio is a collaboration platform offered by Bluebeam, available as a part of Bluebeam Revu. Bluebeam Studio connects project partners worldwide in real-time on the same set of centralizing documents.

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Document Management