With the BIMtrace integration you can:

Overlay Procore Photos to the Navisworks model for pixelwise site-to-BIM comparisons.

Identify and accurately document Change Event issues, pinpointing time and location.

Leverage iPads and iPhones as fast reality capture tools integrated directly into Procore.

Integration Summary

BIMtrace reality capture compares the construction site to the Building Information Model geometry quickly and accurately without large data transfers, complex equipment, or cloud processing. Rather than generating a new model, BIMtrace overlays iPhone or iPad field images from Procore onto your existing Autodesk® Navisworks® model for immediate comparison and measurement. Streamline coordination to closeout with BIMtrace reality capture notes attached directly to Procore field observations.

How it Works

Import iPad and iPhone photos captured with the BIMtrace mobile app from Procore Photos directly into Autodesk Navisworks. Compare site to BIM with photogrammetric accuracy for communication, documentation, and quality assurance.

Integration Requirements
  • Integration free for Trial and Paid Subscription users to Pericept
Required Procore Tools
  • Photos
Helpful Links

Procore Support Article
About Pericept

Pericept creates Augmented Perception tools for the AEC industry, using deployed mobile devices as high-performance sensors to multiply practical in-field capability. Pericept’s principals combine experience in construction with a joint history developing embedded sensor systems and algorithms for defense and medical field applications. BIMtrace elevates iPads and iPhones to fast, lightweight photogrammetric reality capture tools for coordination, documentation, and quality assurance.

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