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BIMLauncher Integration to Oracle® Aconex

BIMLauncher Integration to Oracle® Aconex

With the Aconex* Integration by BIMLauncher you can:

Run in continuous sync mode or for one time migration mode

Dynamic configuration and Launch via the BIMLauncher Application

Complete transparency on data exchange transactions via BIMLauncher Reports

Integration Summary

This connector provides an automated solution for syncing project data between Aconex and Procore. Currently, it's a time consuming and error-prone manual process, automating this workflow will ensure seamless transfer of your Aconex Mail and Documents complete with all metadata for immediate use in Procore, ready to use by your teams on-site.

No more manual data management. No loss in metadata. No missing files. A simple to use, secure and dynamic integration that is flexible to meet your organisation data standards.

How it works

This connector streamlines the synchronization of Aconex Mail and the contents of the document register into the Procore documents tool.

* Dynamic - Project setup ensures integration supports the latest schema for Aconex Documents and Mail.
* Metadata mapping - Maps metadata for each document/Mail per your team's requirements.
* Your folder structure - Choose your desired Procore documents tool folder structure.

Integration features:

* Intelligent Mail handling - Generates a PDF view for each Aconex Mail Thread and handles attachments for easy discovery.
* Secure Migration - Confidential Documents and Mail in Aconex has private access permissions applied in Procore.
* Multi Mail synchronization - Choose to synchronize your inbox, sent box, or both at the same time.
* App access - User access to a secure cloud-based platform for managing connectors across projects.
* Status Report - Upon synchronization completion, receive a record of sync activity with easy issue resolution for your records.

Integration Requirements
  • Valid Aconex project Licence
  • Aconex Admin status for user
  • Project web service APIs activated in Aconex
Required Procore Tools
  • Documents
Helpful Links

BIMLauncher Website
Procore Support Article

About BIMLauncher

Founded in 2017, BIMLauncher is a construction technology startup with a mission is to revolutionise project productivity by connecting the industry with advanced integration and workflow automation technology. The team combines AEC industry experience and cloud technology platform knowledge to create a unique offering to target the data silo problem.

*The BIMLauncher Integration to Oracle® Aconex was developed by BIMLauncher, Inc. Oracle Corporation is not affiliated with this connector. All Oracle marks and logos are owned by Oracle Corporation

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