BIMLauncher Integration to Oracle® Aconex

Data Connection

With the BIMLauncher Integration to Oracle® Aconex you can:

Seamlessly transfer project data (mail, documents, companies & users) from Aconex to Procore

Be confident that the integrity of your project data is maintained

Ensure minimum disruption for your project team’s to get back to work quickly on Procore

Integration Summary

When moving your project teams from Aconex to Procore, manually transferring project data is time consuming, costly, and error prone.

BIMLauncher supports your project team’s getting back to work quickly on Procore by seamlessly transferring project data (mail, documents, users, and companies) from Aconex to Procore.

Take advantage of the only solution to make switching from Aconex to Procore secure, ensures compatibility with the Procore native tooling, and the integrity of your project data.

How it works

BIMLauncher works with your organisation to ensure your move from Aconex into Procore is completed seamlessly.

The above video provides an overview of the features and configuration options offered for this data transfer service.

The project data transfers available to automate today:

* Aconex Mail -> Procore Correspondence Tool
* Aconex Documents -> Procore Documents Tool
* Aconex Directory Users -> Procore Directory Tool
* Aconex Directory Companies > Procore Directory Tool

Please contact us to get your projects data transfer from Aconex to Procore underway.

Integration Requirements
  • Valid Aconex Licence
  • Active Web service APIs in Aconex
Required Procore Tools
  • Admin
  • Directory
  • Documents
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Procore Support Article

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