BIM Track

Data Connection

With the BIM Track integration you can:

Elevate issues directly from BIM Track into Procore RFIs

Side-by-side comparisons for different design optionsAdd hyperlink in BIM Track issues to open Procore RFIs

Transfer BIM Track issue images and data to Procore RFIs

Integration Summary

The BIM Track / Procore integration allows multidisciplinary teams to communicate with each other in their everyday CAD or BIM software and raise informal issues as they coordinate the project. Unresolved informal issues can be quickly elevated to RFIs in Procore. This link provides efficiency in RFI creation for the entire project team, avoiding duplicate entries across multiple platforms.

How it works

The integration enables RFIs to be tracked from informal issues to RFIs.

Integration Requirements
  • Integration is free with a subscription to BIM Track (Standard plan or higher)

Required Procore Tools
  • RFI

Helpful Links

BIM Track website
Procore integration documentation
Sign up for BIM Track; first 50 issues are free
Procore Support Article

About BIM Track

BIM Track is the communication platform that simplifies coordination and unites teams. Users can create, comment on, and resolve issues through their preferred platforms including Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, Tekla Structures, and the web platform, with increased transparency and the context needed for easy resolution.

BIM Track was built by BIM One's specialists on a large airport project in 2016, we’ve been tackling information silos that thrive on construction projects. With BIM Track, issue communication is transparent to the entire team - users know who is assigned to an issue, its due date and priority. Features such as hyper modeling allow teams working in 2D and 3D to collaborate seamlessly. Metrics allow project managers and key stakeholders to easily monitor project performance and gain actionable insights, and teams can connect to Power BI with our API to gain enhanced data visualization.

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