Billd - 120-Day Terms

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With the Billd integration you can:

Automatically Sync Procore projects with your Billd account every 30 minutes

Project updates in Billd and Procore reflect in each platform

Create material purchase requests in Billd on your Procore projects

Integration Summary

Would extended terms with your suppliers of up to 120-days help alleviate cash flow challenges? Create material purchase requests directly in the Procore platform using the Billd app and get up to 120-day terms with any of your suppliers.

How it works

From within your Billd account, navigate to integrations and select "connect with Procore." Once you authorize your account Billd and Procore will begin syncing existing projects automatically and you will have the ability to submit material purchase requests right through Procore.

Integration Requirements
  • Billd account
  • Procore account
Required Procore Tools
  • Documents
Helpful Links

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About Billd

Billd offers contractors 120-day terms on material purchases for commercial jobs. The gap between paying for materials and being paid for your work puts stress on a business's cash flow. Billd pays your supplier upfront and extends you up to 120-days to repay. Additionally, the upfront payment to your supplier gives you leverage to negotiate better pricing on your materials. We believe business should be done on YOUR terms, not anyone else’s.

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