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With the Avvir integration you can:

Quantify construction progress with LiDAR or 360° photos

Discover incorrectly installed elements and prevent costly rework with LiDAR

Push Avvir deviation data & progress reports to your Procore Project Documents

Integration Summary

The Avvir app allows the user to push Avvir's Progress and Deviation analysis data and reports to the user's Procore account.

How it works

We provide near real-time insights into the state of a project including progress quantification and defect detection by automating the processes around data acquisition, visualization, and analysis.

Integration Requirements
  • Avvir Project & Account
  • Building Information Model
  • LiDAR scan (stitched, aligned) or 360° Photos
Required Procore Tools
  • Documents
Helpful Links

Instructional Videos
Intro to Construction System of Reality
Avvir Website
Procore Support Article

About Avvir

Avvir provides an end-to-end construction monitoring service. We compare LiDAR scans to one another, the BIM, and to your construction schedule to quantify progress and detect defects automatically.

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