Automatic Weather Logs by

With the Automatic Weather Logs integration you can:

Effortlessly sync's unmatched proprietary weather data into Procore Daily Logs

Reliable measurements captured each hour, as well as applied retroactively, without gaps

High resolution readings of nine key parameters captured across all project sites

Integration Summary

Reduce time spent on manual logging processes by automatically syncing's high-resolution weather data to your Daily Logs across all project sites. Leverage integration data to standardize observations, find correlations between weather and productivity, replace expensive hardware, and reduce weather-related disputes.

How it works

Once enabled, the Automatic Weather Logs (AWL) data integration automatically populates picklist selections for each of Procore's default weather condition fields within your Weather Logs. Additionally, exact measurements are recorded in the Comments section to provide supporting detail to observations.

Integration Requirements
  • Must create a Procore Service Account. If using's embedded Insights experience, use that same account.
Required Procore Tools
  • Daily Log
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