ArcGIS™ Viewer

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With the ArcGIS Viewer embedded experience you can:

Integrate your ArcGIS Online account assets with your Procore projects

Overlay Procore project photos on your ArcGIS Online Map View

Coming Soon! - Overlay photos attached to Procore Observations on your ArcGIS Online Map View

Integration Summary

The ArcGIS Viewer from W Three Industries allows ESRI ArcGIS Online users to display their ArcGIS web views using the Procore embedded experience. When launched inside Procore as an embedded App, ArcGIS Viewer plots the locations of all photos stored in the Procore Photos tool for the current project and overlays the ArcGIS Online web view with a set of clickable popups that display each photo.

How it works

ArcGIS Viewer is added to a company by a Procore Admin and configured for individual projects by specifying the Portal Item ID associated with a particular ArcGIS Online account. When a user launches ArcGIS Viewer from within Procore, a call to the Show Project endpoint is made to retrieve project location information in the form of latitude and longitude values. ArcGIS Viewer uses this data to center the ArcGIS Online map view within the embedded App window. Next, a call to List Photos is made to retrieve all project photos which are then overlaid as a layer of clickable points on the map.

Integration Requirements
  • Active Procore account with Photos tool enabled
  • Active ESRI ArcGIS Online account

Procore Tools Required
  • Photos

Helpful Links

Procore Support Article
Install an App from the App Marketplace

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