Risk Management Workflow Tool

With your Aclaimant integration you can:

Workplace Safety: Create a Digital, Mobile, and Connected Safety Experience

Incident & Claims Management: Automated Workflow & Digitize Documentation To Streamline Processes

Analytics: Manage/monitor workplace risks & exposures through real-time analytics dashboards

Integration Summary

The Aclaimant Resolution Performance System is designed to help companies see risk more clearly and do something about it. Our patent-pending workflow system streamlines every phase of risk management including workplace safety, incident/claims management, and analytics into an easy to use workflow tool. By connecting everyone with a device inside of your organization, Aclaimant improves best practices throughout risk management and creates an environment of transparency and trust.

How it Works

Aclaimant and Procore integration allow for the seamless synching of information from the Procore Construction Platform into the Aclaimant Resolution Performance System. Once connected, information about any individual involved in a workplace incident or claim can seamlessly populate all appropriate state, federal, and claim related forms to allow for fast and accurate data population and reduced workload throughout the incident and claims resolution process.

Integration Requirements
  • Every Aclaimant customer has access to the Procore integration

Procore Tools Required
  • Directory

Helpful Links

Procore Support Article

About Aclaimant

Founded in 2013, Aclaimant is the first resolution performance designed to help companies see risk more clearly and do something about it. With endorsements from major carriers, brokers and industry leaders in Construction and other verticals, Aclaimant is re-inventing how companies think about risk management. Aclaimant is based out of Chicago, with offices in Detroit, and boasts a team that includes over 70 years of insurance claims experience!

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