With the Pype integration you can:

Save weeks of project time. No more manually entry of individual submittals into Procore.

Clear Analytics and Transparency from Pre-Con to Closeout.

Drastically reduce contract compliance risk.

Integration Summary

The Pype – Procore Integration enables users to generate submittal logs in the matter of minutes and transfer them directly into Procore’s project management module. Gone are the days of tedious manual entry. Within a few clicks, project teams are able to focus on understanding each requirement rather than just copy and pasting them.

About Pype

Pype provides innovative construction software solutions that enable project teams to start projects faster and finish stronger. Start projects faster by generating submittal logs with Pype AutoSpecs. Our patent-pending software takes a manual, time consuming process and allows you to create submittal logs in minutes. With Pype Closeout, we have automated the entire closeout process which means you get paid faster.

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